Fashioning Faux Flowers

It’s always such a treat when your boyfriend comes home with flowers (what a sweetie) but if you’re like me, they die almost instantaneously. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make some of my own that I can’t kill accidentally and won’t shed all over my desk.

The usual fate of flowers in my presence. 
Cut squares of tissue paper (the same kind you put in presents). I used eight squares that were about 5″ on each side. The more squares you use the thicker the flowers. I’d suggest using somewhere between 5 and 8, but that’s just me.
Fold the paper accordion style.
Cut the ends of the folded paper so they’re smooth and round, like flower petals.
Tie a string around the middle.
Fan out the paper.
Fold up each layer, one at a time, until you have folded them all up.
Here’s the flower, without a stem.
Use a bamboo skewer (like what you make shish-kabobs with) and stick it into the folds of the tissue paper. Tape the ribbon firmly to the skewer.
Tape a paper party streamer to the top of the skewer and wrap it around as you move down to cover the whole skewer in paper.
Here’s the final product!
Arrange as you choose!
Now you have your very own un-killable flowers that can beautify your apartment (just in time for Spring!) and your boyfriend/husband is off the hook for good.

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