Sturdier Spice Support

We have a lot of spices and assorted small, annoying to organize, flavoring accessories. Initially we had them piled in a cupboard in a big mess. 
Yuck! (Doesn’t help that the shelve sags.) So I decided to make my own spice rack! I initially was thinking that I’d use a pegboard (which I ended up doing) but get small containers to put spices in and then hang them on hooks in the board. But a trip to Michael’s/Home Depot showed that would be a whole lot more work and waiting for things to be shipped than I’m in the mood for. So I decided on just getting baskets, which they had in these perfect little three packs. We’re pretty happy with our new spice holder! Here’s how to make your own.
Pegboard from Home Depot ($7.87) They only sell it in 2’x4′ pieces– which is ENORMOUS so ask to have it cut in half, which should be plenty large.  
Apply two coats of spray paint (outside, please…). This is after one coat of “satin moss green” ($3.87).  Let the paint dry about 30 minutes in between coats and then about an hour after the final coat. 
Insert baskets ($9.97) however you’d like them. I prefer them symmetrically (for now) but the nice thing about pegboards is that you can move everything around!
Attach firmly to the wall. We used 3 screws– two on the top, outside edges and one in the middle. 

Before it’s loaded up.
Final product! The great thing about the different sized baskets is that you can fit larger bottles than you’d be able to otherwise. 

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