Skinny Spinach Snack

Hello Blogosphere!

I know I’ve been gone forEVER but 3rd year of med school has a way of getting away from me. But now that I have 2 weeks of vacation (minus the last 3 days where I was recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out) I have plenty of recipes to share.

This first one I make all the time. Actually though. I’m having friends over tomorrow and it will be the second time I’ve made this THIS WEEK. It’s so good. I can’t believe I haven’t shared the recipe yet. This is easy, delicious, warm, and nice to bring places because it tastes like it’s super hard to make.

When I first went to make spinach and artichoke dip I was DISTRAUGHT to find out it was made with mayonnaise. YUCK. Who wants to put a cup of mayonnaise into something that they eat. Not me. So I searched and combined a few recipes to come up with this one. Hope you enjoy.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 can (13.75oz) artichoke hearts
  • 1 “thing” (10oz) frozen chopped spinach (it comes in a box-ish type package)– defrost/drain the spinach now
  • 1 shallot
  • Garlic (as much as you’d like)
  • 1 cup fat free plain greek yogurt (this is slightly less than 2 of the single serve packs of yogurt– I would suggest that over splurging on a big tub of it because, let’s be honest, who the hell eats plain greek yogurt.)
  • 1/2 cup Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
  • 3/4 cup shredded mozarella cheese (more if you’d like– I won’t judge you)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil (spray if you have it)
  • Baguette, tortilla chips, pita chips– whatever you want to eat this with (your fingers work too, but I don’t think your friends will appreciate it). If you use a baguette- cut it really thin, dip in olive oil seasoned with salt and bake at like 450 for 5-7 minutes to give it some flavor

Here’s what you do:

  1. Preheat oven to 400
  2. Coarsely chop the shallot, garlic, artichoke hearts (use a food processor if you have one, my magic bullet kind of macerates this but that’s another story)
  3. Dump the mixture from #2 into a medium-sized bowl
  4. Drain the spinach and add it to the big bowl
  5. Add the cheeses and greek yogurt
  6. Mix well, season with salt and pepper
  7. Spray a pan (I suggest a 9×9 but you can use whatever you’d like) with olive oil
  8. Spread mixture into pan
  9. Bake until the cheese is melty (usually about 25 minutes)
  10. Serve hot

I unfortunately don’t have any photos of the final product after baking (that’s how good it is– F- taking pictures, ain’t nobody got time for that when this is around) so here’s a photo before it goes into the oven.





One response to “Skinny Spinach Snack

  1. Well… I use plain Greek yogurt all the time. I use it instead of sour cream or I sweeten it with stevia and add fruit. Or I add hot sauce and use it on eggs. Or I mix it with cottage cheese or lemon curd… the list goes on. It is a staple in my house 🙂

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