F*** These Fruit Leathers

I LOVE fruit leathers. I had a friend in high school who called them cow tongues and ever since then I’ve had a little food crush on them. They’re a great snack to bring anywhere and not feel like a total fatty because they’re fruit, right? So I was super excited when I found this recipe for homemade fruit leathers.

I got all the ingredients and a cheese cloth, whatever the hell that is, and set to work. The chopping wasn’t hard and was definitely the most enjoyable/easiest part of the process. Then comes the simmering and  blending and never quite knowing if the stuff is done yet. I was doing fine up through now, but then comes the cheese cloth time. I laid out the cheese cloth across the opening of my bowl and tried to anchor the end ends with other kitchen appliances so I didn’t have to hold the cloth the whole time. So I pour the mixture onto the cheese cloth and it just sits there. I thought maybe it needed some time so I boarded up the cat so he wouldn’t get into this sticky mess and went and studied for a few minutes thinking the mixture would figure out how to strain itself. It didn’t… So I started squeezing this scalding hot mess of goop into the bowl underneath the cheese cloth. Finally, 30 minutes later, I thought I had strained enough to fill a pan (which I had, thankfully). Then came the cooking– I cooked these for 6 hours on low and they were still sticky and Ben was annoyed he couldn’t use the oven to make dinner. After a few more hours I finally took them out and was psyched that they actually looked good… until we went to roll them up like the perfect picture in the blog and found that the concoction had totally congealed itself to the wax paper I lined the pan with. So we spent our evening picking the salvageable pieces of fruit leather off of the wax paper. My verdict– NOT worth it.

Off to a good start– nicely diced fruit with some sugar. No sense of impending doom yet

Are we done yet? It’s been sitting like this for 20 minutes and hasn’t changed consistency

Minimal seeds, but after my struggles with the cheese cloth I’ll take it

Big mess in the sink from all the dishes this requires. Take special note of the cheese cloth thrown angrily into the sink.

My advice would be to suck it up and buy these and never attempt to make them but if you’re feeling defiant (I get it, I don’t like people telling me what to do, either) here are some suggestions:

  • Learn how to use a cheese cloth (apparently you’re supposed to use it inside a strainer– who knew!)
  • Or just don’t use kiwis or anything with seeds and you can just skip the straining all together. I think my real anger towards this recipe comes from the cheese cloth, so perhaps this post should have been called “f*** cheese cloths” but that doesn’t sound as nice
  • Use something besides wax paper to line your cookie sheet– this recipe calls for a “silpat” whatever that is so maybe find one of those
  • Don’t touch the burning hot fruit/sugar mixture for awhile after it’s done cooking because it’s hot

Good luck on your endeavors if you try this! If you decide to just purchase some– look in the healthy/natural aisle in your grocery (you know where everything is earthy green or brown colored and has funky, relaxed fonts?) And if anyone knows how to clean a cheese cloth let me know.

3 responses to “F*** These Fruit Leathers

  1. Yikes! I am so sorry you had such a bad experience with this recipe. I would have done the same thing with that cheesecloth!! That stuff is no good for anything with seeds. That’s why my recipe said to use a fine mesh sieve. The holes are large enough for your puree to pass through but not the seeds unlike the microscopic holes of that frustrating cheesecloth. Oh! And it sounds like you tried to roll them right away… It’s a painstakingly long process between the 8 hours of cooking but then you have to let it sit for a long time too after it comes out of the oven. I let mine sit overnight and rolled them in the morning. Probably not worth the effort when you can buy them at the store 😉 Again, I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience.

    • Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll have to retry your recipe and make sure I have the appropriate tools. Thanks for the note about trying to roll it, I think I was worried that they’d harden and would get too hard to roll.

      • Not to worry, they won’t get hard. Like I said I left mine out for probably 8 hours. I’m positive if you use the right equipment you’ll have success 🙂 And if you don’t want to spend money on a SilPat (a silicon baking liner) you can use plastic wrap or even Glad Press and Seal on the baking sheet which is what I did initially. Other readers had concerns about BPA thus the reason it now says use a SilPat. I’m so surprised you’d even be willing to give the recipe a try again after such a scathing review! But I’m so glad to hear I haven’t totally turned you away due to one bad experience 😉 Thanks!

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