Matches & Mason Jar Mysteries

I’m sure lots of you have seen the cute pins that have matches in baby food jars or mason jars with sandpaper on top. I thought they were an adorable solution to keeping matches from getting soggy in the bathroom. So of course I didn’t read the instructions and I just bought some sandpaper, glued it to a mason jar lid, and tried to light a match on it. And… nothing happened. It was depressing. I tried and tried and my sandpaper just became covered with red from the match but the match never lit. Then I shuffled through Pinterest more and came across the pin and found out you absolutely must use “Strike Anywhere” Matches. Well, I couldn’t find those matches anywhere in my little town so I ended up buying them on Amazon. 

So anyways, here’s what I learned from not following directions & some trial and error. I hope this makes it easier for some of you DIYers at home who also hate reading directions.

  • Use Strike Anywhere Matches. No exceptions.
  • Use the finest grit sandpaper you can find but don’t kill yourself looking for it. Whatever Wal-Mart/Michael’s/your store of choice sells is fine.
  • Let the glue on the sandpaper dry completely before you screw the lid onto the jar, or it will stick.

    After the glue dries, screw on the lid. 

    Choose your mason jar size based on your needs. I like having the jar the same size as the ones that hold the candles in my bathroom, but you might prefer having the matches fit in more snuggly.

    Trace the lid insert, not the whole lid, otherwise your sandpaper will be too big. Use scissors you’re not in love with because the sandpaper will dull them a bit.

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