T-shirt Transformation

There are two things that being from Maine has made me bad at dealing with: heat and expensive things. So now that I’m living in Boston where it’s 90 degrees everyday, I’m struggling with what to wear to run in. I don’t like working out in anything tight fitting (so that counts out ribbed tank tops) and when it’s this hot I don’t like sleeves (bye bye t-shirts). I thought about maybe investing in a loose fitting moisture wicking tank top, but those are all expensive and I’m a cheapo so I counted those out too. I was leaving the grocery store one day and there was this girl coming in who was wearing a racerback tank that she had made out of an old t-shirt! I was obsessed and had to make my own. I used a hand-me-down from Ben, which ended up being perfect because it’s a little baggier than most of my tee’s. I don’t have a sewing machine so I had to make sure this would stay together without stitching, and so far, so good!

Here’s what to do:

Start by laying out your t-shirt. Be aware that if you have a pattern on the back it will get obscured.
Cut off one sleeve, inside of the stitching. I would leave a little wider margin than I did, because I ended up cutting off more later after I went for a run and noticed the front of the armpit hole was irritating me.
Line the cut off sleeve up with the uncut one to make sure they’re symmetrical.  
Now that both sleeves are removed you’re ready to do the front & back!
Align the shoulder seams so the shirt is folded in half length wise…
… like this
Cut the front part as low as you’re like it to be. I didn’t want it terribly low cut so I opted to stay above the logo. Once you’ve cut the front, cut the back and make it a few inches lower than the back.   
Like this! The top is the back.
Then, take the sleeves you’ve cut off and cut them into pieces, about 1 inch thick (they don’t have to be perfect)
Tie the straps in the back together, use a double knot so you know they’re secure.  
Keep knotting! Cut off the long ends if you think they’ll annoy you.
Ta-da!! All ready to work out and stay cool.

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