Crayon Coasters (for Cheaters)

So, if you go back to this post you’ll see that I didn’t have the easiest time with the whole melty crayon craft I was trying. However, I did manage to do something kind of cool instead! Check it out:

Take inventory of your crayons. I find that Crayola brand works best for dripping while others (RoseArt, other generics) work best for staying put.
Here, the red is RoseArt and the others are Crayola. The ones that are more flakey will melt better while the smoother one will stay put. Put your hairdryer on low and gently melt the crayons. I tilted one edge up to give the melty look.
Here’s the final product. You could put initials/monograms/pictures underneath with non-melty crayon and then color over/around with a melty ones. Maybe I’ll try that as a wedding gift…

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