Crayon Coaster Calamity

How many of you have seen those really cute melted crayon on canvas projects out there? I think they’re adorable and I, as a camp counselor for the past 7 summers, have a ton of crayons that I don’t really sure anymore. Well, I didn’t want to make a huge canvas because we don’t have space for it and I thought it might be a bit young for our “trying to be real people” apartment. So I decided to make use of the 4″x4″ coaster size canvases I bought a Michael’s for this project. It was a disaster. However, I was able to do something different, which I think turned out cool so check it out here!
First, being cheap and not wanting to ruin perfectly good crayons,  I selected out my broken/beaten down ones. 
And taped them where I thought they’d drip nice and artsy.

And then I promptly blew them all off and all over my kitchen table. Thank goodness I had covered it with wax paper. Even on low I couldn’t get them to stay put. And holding them with my hand hurt too much because of the hot hair. 

Even packing tape didn’t do it… 

 I definitely learned my lesson this time: either I need to be less cheap and be okay with trashing some crayons or I have to give up on this idea. Here’s what I did instead! Check out the how to here.

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