Baby Blanket For Beginners (sewed part)

Here’s the follow up piece to the knitted part of the baby blanket I’ve been working on. I gave my friend the blanket on our last day of class and I think she liked it so here’s how to make your own mom-to-be friend happy!

Here’s what you’ll need for the sewing part:

  • Fleece (or another fabric to back with) 
    • Make this at least 1″ wider on each side than your blanket (for example, my blanket was 27″x 38″ and my fleece piece ended up being 30″x40″
  • Binding
    • I used double fold binding but couldn’t find a picture of it but you get the idea
  • Thread to match your binding 
Cut your fabric so that you have about an inch on every side and center your knit part in the middle. Then, fold the edges of the fabric over onto the knit part and baste it on. This doesn’t have to be perfect, since the seams will be covered over by binding. Now you’ll be ready to bind! If you decide you don’t want the edges to be a little fuller (which is what folding the fleece will do) then just cut your fabric to be the same size as your piece (pretty self explanatory) and baste it on.  
Stitch on the binding using whatever stitch you please. I used a whipstitch but choose whatever you feel most comfortable with.
The corners can be a bit tough so just take your time to plan out and pin your corners before you start stitching. 
Ta-da! Final product! I also cut out a piece of flannel in the shape of Maine and had all my classmates sign it and attached it to the back but unfortunately in my haste to get this finished (I finished sewing a few hours before I gave it to her/we all left for the summer) I forgot to take a picture of that! If you want to make the back a little fancier you can add your signature in embroidery floss, add fleece pockets (I thought about making a pocket out of a heart shape but then remembered that the giftee isn’t a huge heart type of person) or add a personal touch of some sort. 

I’m sorry this post wasn’t the most detailed! I didn’t take many pictures along the way because I was rushing to finish it (so much so that my mom had to help me finish up the whipstitch!) I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have! 

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