Methodical Mail Manager

Like most people, we get a lot of mail. Unlike most people, we are stupid about how to organize our mail and it always seems to end up in weird places, like on my desk/the kitchen counter/next to the toilet/our coffee table, that made sense for mail at the time. So I decided to make a mail organizer. All you need is a six-pack holder, some cardboard, wrapping paper, and tape. Here’s how:
Start with a six pack case.
Cut off the handle and the dividers in the middle. You can choose to leave whichever ones you’d like. I decided to leave one of the sections divided in half because it seemed like a good pen/pencil holder and three large holders seemed excessive.
In this particular six pack there was one divider that was shorter than the others so I decided to cut  the edges shorter to match.
Unfortunately, the anatomy of a six pack is poorly designed for this particular need. The  longitudinal divider holds together the horizontal ones, so when I cut it off I separated the back divider. No worries, though, just take another bit of cardboard (from a cereal box or something) and tape it to the offending divider.
Wrap with wrapping paper.
Admire your handiwork and find a place to put this such that you’ll always remember where your mail goes.

I put my mail holder next to our magazine holder so that whenever we get home with a handful of mail we can appropriately sort it. Questions? Suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

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