Knitted Kitten Knickknacks

So we got a kitten. And it would be a lie to say that I’m anything but obsessed. After finishing a baby blanket for a friend I had a bunch of yarn left over that, after learning from my mistake on the last project, I’ll likely never use again. So I decided to make toys for our kitty. He loves the feather/ball/anything on a string type of toy so I wanted to make something similar. I made up the patterns and adjusted them as I went so I’ll just pass along a basic one and you should feel free to change it as you go!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Old yarn that you’re looking to get rid of 
  • Four knitting needles. You need a small gauge one (I used size 6) otherwise the stitches won’t be small enough and the catnip will spill out. If you have round needles you could also use those, mine just had too long of a connecting cord between them for it to be possible. 
  • Cat Nip 
Here’s what to do:
  1. Cast on 30 stitches (10 per needle). (In the pink one, below, I did about 7 stitches per needle). 
  2. Knit a few rows
  3. Start decreasing the number of stitches by 1-3 every time around until you only have only one stitch left. 
  4. Cut a long piece of yarn to cast off with (this will either be a little tail on your project or the piece of yarn you hold onto to play with.) 
  5. Pick up and knit  30 stitches on the open end. 
  6. Stuff with catnip. 
  7. Repeat 2 & 3 until the toy is as long as you’d like it
  8. For this end you can either do a long piece of yarn (as in the green one, below) or be more playful (in the pink one, below). 
  9. Give to kitty and watch them fall in love. 
Octopus-like kitty toy.  

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