Soup Storage Solutions

Here’s another update about how to deal with odd shaped cupboards. In our apartment, some of our shelves are teeny and some are enormous. And of course we organized it when we first moved in and can’t be bothered to re-organize our whole kitchen. So I figured I’d just keep making crafty solutions for organizing our shelves. We have tons of cans all stored on one shelf and I wanted a way to organize them.

This is a super easy upcycle opportunity to organize your cans. If you have lots of different types of stuff and want to be able to see them all, just cut off the top of the box and try to reinforce the remaining sides with stiffer cardboard before you cover the box with pretty paper. Don’t worry, I’ll explain this better with pictures.

Here’s the necessary “before” picture.
Start with a twelve pack bottle.
And cut near the edge that was removed when you opened the bottle and smooth it out.
Make sure you tape the sides closed.  (If you’re trying to make one without a top  use some cardboard to reinforce these sides so it will stand up on its own without a top to hold it together.)
Cover the contraption in pretty paper. I used wrapping paper that I got for $1 at Christmas Tree Shops.
Insert soups or cans and enjoy!

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