Mild Mascara (re)Mover

I usually wear mascara everyday and that’s it. It’s not that I don’t have makeup (make-up? make up?? whatever) to wear (I always seem to buy something new before a special occasion) but I just can’t put in the effort to get all done up every morning.

Since I’m a bit of a space-case I can often forget that I’m wearing makeup, so whatever I’m wearing MUST be smudge-proof, water-proof, idiot-proof and therefore, get-off-proof. I was using these great little towelettes (from Neutrogena) to take off my makeup at night but then I got real sick of paying $7 for 25 of them. So then I started cutting them in half, but I found that I still had a lot of unused bit of towelette afterwards. Plus, if I forgot to close the darn lid or didn’t wear makeup for a few days (hello days with anatomy lab/weekends/exam days/any time I forgot because I’m still getting in the habit of wearing makeup at age 23) the stupid towelettes would dry up! So I decided to make my own! Here’s what I did:

Buy some petroleum jelly ($3.19 at that price you can even splurge the extra 30 cents on name-brand Vaseline if you want to) and cotton rounds/squares ($3.99 for 160). Then when you’re ready to take off your makeup, get some petroleum jelly onto one side of your cotton thing (aka drag the cotton through the jelly) and wipe it on your eyes. Then, use the un-jellied side to get all the extra off your face. Bonus– your eye area will be really well moisturized. Plus, I’ve heard that petroleum jelly is good for your eyelashes?

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