Mat Map Masterpieces

Apparently coasters are a big deal. Growing up, we just put our cups wherever we darn well pleased but I guess this isn’t the way the rest of the world works. So, now that I’m living with a hard-core coaster user, I decided that I needed to make some that were a bit cuter than beer mats that Ben stole from assorted bars. Maybe having nice looking ones will remind me to actually use them. I used maps (mainly because I’m an AAA member and can get them fo’ free!) as my decoration. I chose to do my favorite Beantown neighborhoods as a theme. Here’s how they turned out and how to do it yourself! 
I found these little canvases (4″x4″) at Michael’s (similar to these) in 4 packs for about $3.
Pick your map (or whatever paper you choose to use) and trace the area you want. You can’t really see my pencil marks, but this one has Fenway park in the middle.
I apparently don’t have modge podge so I used Tacky Glue and mixed it with water, which works just as well. Spread a thin layer one the back of the coaster and lay the map down flat and smooth out any bubbles or creases. Let dry.
After they are dry, apply two coats of a sealer, like this one by Modge Podge, waiting an hour or so in between. Make sure you do this outside– I did the first layer inside and I’m pretty sure I wiped years off my life.
Attach (I used un-watered down Tacky Glue) felt to the back so that the coaster will move smoothly over the table. I chose white because there are lots of colors in the maps but if you’re using a more plain paper you could use a fun color on the bottom. All four of the coasters used less than 1 sheet of felt ($0.23) so I was a little embarrassed that I bought 4 sheets.
Final product.
Here’s the whole set of 4.

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