Managing Magazine Mishaps

So I managed to delete this blog post after I originally published it. Nicely done, me. Anyways, here’s the first post.

We have this great table right next to our door when you come inside. It’s a super convenient place to throw keys, ear buds, mail, etc. The only problem is that it gets super cluttered with all our stuff, especially mail which mostly consists of magazines. We both like to read magazines on the train (because, let’s be honest, when else would we?) so I wanted to create something that could go near the door that we could plunk magazines in after checking the mail and would be handy to grab on our way out the door at some ungodly hour of the morning. So, take a 10 minute study/work/life break and organize your “crap” table.

Here’s the obligatory “before” photo–super messy.
First, make sure whatever cereal box you’re planning on using is large enough to fit a few magazines. Sorry, weeny little  granola boxes, you don’t make the cut.
Cut off the flaps at the top where they meet the rest of the box. Then, about halfway across the top (of the wide side) cut at a 45(ish) degree angle to the corner. Repeat on the other side.
Tape the bottom to make sure it’s nice and secure.
I didn’t like how the box was so much taller than the magazines so I trimmed it down but do as you please– it’s you’re project!
Using whatever you have lying around (I used this lovely blue wrapping paper), wrap the box like you would a birthday present.
The wrapping can get tricky around the edge that’s cut, so add cuts where necessary.
I used a complementary piece of wrapping paper to cover the back edge where I taped the original blue paper.
Voila! Now your magazines are right where you want them and super organized!

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